natalie-eve-marquis-22Natalie Eve Marquis is a heart-centered catalyst helping people heal and connect with their inner wisdom and the Divine to enjoy more deeply fulfilling careers and lives.

“I love those ‘ah-ha’ moments when clients access their higher wisdom and realize that everything they need to live their brightest life is within them just waiting to be tapped.”

Natalie specializes in Heart & Soul Coaching helping clients discover the deep well of wisdom that lies within themselves through their connection to the Divine. From this source of loving wisdom, life purpose and life path naturally unfold and clients move more confidently and passionately toward their dreams.

Many clients start working with Natalie by exploring the individual techniques she uses in her sessions such as Intuitive Readings & CoachingReiki energy healingHypnosis and Distance Energy Healing with written reports. Or they attend one or more of her workshops, including the Intuition PrimerPast Life Playshop, Intuition Playdates, and Sacred Messengers, which are offered in the Outer Banks, NC, Sedona, AZ and New England.

Natalie is a life-long intuitive. She grew up with a family that hosted seances and an Aunt who frequently experienced premonitions, clairvoyance and more. While in college, she did tarot readings and psychometry for friends.

After graduating college, she enjoyed a 30-year career in marketing and graphic design, making a positive difference in her local business community while raising a family. She was honored with the Woman of the Year Award from the Greater Haverhill YWCA and designated a Women in Business Champion by the US Small Business Administration, Massachusetts Office.

Following the unexpected break up of a 29-year marriage, she moved to Sedona, AZ, dove deeply into her spirituality, and immersed herself in metaphysical healing and wellness. In 2014, she launched Creative Leap Healing and began sharing her considerable intuitive and healing gifts with the world. During 2016, she spent a year helping to launch Gateway Cottage Wellness Center in Sedona, AZ, serving as both Marketing Director and a key practitioner offering hypnotherapy, intuitive readings & energy work. In early 2017, guided by persistent nudges from her intuition, she relocated to the Outer Bank, NC and opened a small studio called the Wisdom Within offering life coaching and healing services.

As you can see Natalie has a notable track record for overcoming adversity, taking bold leaps and embracing all the gifts life has to offer. Sharing from her heart and considerable life & business experience, she enjoys co-creating with her clients so they may live more joyful, deeply fulfilling lives. You can reach Natalie by cell/text at: (603) 642-4949 or via email.

confusing cross roads in lifeCommon Reasons Clients Work with Natalie:

  • Life transitions / crossroads in life
  • Defining a new direction in life
  • Aligning with life purpose / spiritual path
  • Job loss or relationship breakup
  • Recapturing joy and a sense of purpose
  • Feeling like one’s life is falling apart
  • Feeling stuck, unhappy, or uninspired
  • Health problems
  • Anxiety & depression
  • Feeling disconnected

Natalie’s Healing and Coaching Services:

Client’s often begin working with Natalie via an an intuitive reading, Reiki session, or hypnosis. For those seeking deeper shifts and healing, you’ll benefit the most from her Heart & Soul Coaching program where she is able to use all of her intuitive and healing skills, and considerable life experience, in service to your needs.

natalie-eve-marquis-fullCoaching & Healing 

Energy Healing

Hypnosis Services

Intuitive Readings

Workshops & Retreats

Are you ready to expand into your greatest joy?  Call me at (603) 642-4949 or contact me via email.

Universe is Speaking to You …. Are You Listening?

The Universe (God, angels, spirit guides, deceased loved ones) are constantly communicating with us! Unfortunately, we’re missing many of the messages. The Sacred Messenger video series will introduce you to some of the ways Spirit speaks to us and how to recognize and decipher it’s messages. Here’s an example:


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