Energy Grounding Exercises

Exercises for Grounding Your Personal Energy

Are you feeling like you are too much in your head, overthinking things and/or feeling spacey or like your energy is all over the place? Then try one or more of these techniques to help ground and stabilize your energy and get you back in your body.

Tether to Mother Earth – While sitting in a chair with your feet firmly on the ground, close your eyes and bring your awareness to your heart center, feel the love there.  Allow your attention to gentle sink to the base of your spine (your root Chakra area). Imagine a golden cord unfurling from your spine reaching deep down into Mother Earth. Envision the golden cord wrapping around a giant rock or crystal. You are now grounded to Mother Earth. Next, allow Mother Earth’s deep nurturing energy and love to rise up through the golden cord to the base of your spine, where it then flows out to your whole body. Then open your eyes and enjoy your day.

Listen to the audio version:  Tether to Mother Earth Guided Meditation

Mother Earth- Divine Father Breathing Cycles – This is ideally done barefooted on the grass, but you can do it anywhere. Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your heart center …. feel the love there …. allow your awareness to sink through your body, through your feet, deep down into Mother Earth. Now take a big, deep breath and pull in the energy from Mother Earth up through the earth, through your feet, flooding your body from feet up to your head, then right through you head up into the sky as high as your breath will take you. As you exhale, pull down Divine Love energy from God /the Universe in through your head, flooding your whole body, down through your feet, into Mother Earth. Do 3 cycles of this breathing. Then open your eyes and enjoy your day.

Hug a Tree – Seriously, go outside and hug a tree for a few minutes! Or, if that feels toocrazy, sit on the ground with your back up against a tree. Trees are naturally rooted to the earth. For many trees, their roots go deep into the earth, or they fan out far and wide. They are strong and durable. Some trees live a hundred years and have weathered hundreds of storms. Some Native Americans were said to lean against a tree when they felt tired. When you intentionally touch hug, lean or sit against a tree for a few minutes, you are allowing some of its healing, grounding energy into your energetic body.

Bubble of White Light: Start and end your day with this common energy shielding practice. Read How to Invoke a Light Shield.


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