Forgiveness Exercises

After so many years on earth … making mistakes, healing and growing … I’ve come to learn that, besides love, forgiveness heals just about everything.

I don’t mean the surface type of forgiveness, where we just let something go even though we’re still harboring some sticky feelings on the issue. I mean true healing forgiveness, where the energy and emotions shift on deep, profound levels. When true forgiveness occurs, you feel lighter, you feel a deep sense of peace, you truly see the whole matter differently. The “charge” is completely gone.

Below are a few of my favorite forgiveness practices and exercises.


The 5-Steps to Healing & Forgiveness

by Michael Mirdad

This is my all time favorite forgiveness process. Michael Mirdad says the Five-Step Soul-Level Healing Process can generally be defined as “a two-part process of emptying one’s cup of faulty belief systems AND refilling this cup with new, healthy, and loving systems of belief.” The steps are outlined below.

>Download  Soul Healing Forgiveness Process


“I recognize I am struggling with (describe the issue below):”


“I accept that hidden behind this situation are my unhealed wounds and lessons, both known and/or unknown.”


“I surrender to God both the problem and my unhealed wounds that I know lie beneath the surface of what I think I see.”


“I refill all the space left by the issues I just surrendered with all that God truly intends for me, including Love, Peace, Joy and Abundance.”


“I give thanks that this process is complete and is already bringing me miracles of healing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And so it is!” 

For an in-depth explanation and examples of the Soul-Level Healing Process, I highly recommend Michael Mirdad’s book Healing the Heart & Soul.

Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Prayer

I first learned about Ho’oponopono (Ho-oh-pono-pono) through Dr. Joe Vitale’s book, Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More.

The essence of Dr Hew Len’s process, evolved from the ancient Hawaiian spiritual tradition of Ho’oponopono, consists in mindfully repeating four simple phrases:

I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
I love you.
Thank you.
Learn more about it:

> Download Ho’oponopono & Burning Bowl Ceremony

> Download Michael Mirdad’s Ho’oponopono & ACIM Exercise

The Forgiveness Prayer

by Rev. Dr. Roberta S. Herzog, D.D.

The Art of Forgiveness: Forgiveness is typically defined as “the process of concluding resentment, indignation, or anger as a result of a perceived offense, difference, or mistake…” More importantly, it is a choice that you decide to make because you desire to move on from the pain. Feelings such as anger and resentment are not supportive of your optimal emotional or physical health. By releasing a person or event that has caused you pain, you create an opportunity to shift your energy and emotions and move forward from this hurt. Forgiveness does not justify wrong actions, or excuse ill-doing, but it is a powerful healing tool that will release you from your own suffering and allows your thoughts and heart to focus on new and positive experiences.

The guidelines of the Forgiveness Prayer are as follows:

When you rise in the morning and before retiring at night, for at least 10 – 14 days, sit quietly with your eyes closed and picture in your mind’s eye the Soul you wish to forgive smiling and happy. Then say the following prayer, out loud, to this Soul:

“(Say the name of the Soul here), I forgive you for everything you’ve ever said or done to me in thought, word or deed that has caused me pain in this or any other lifetime, on all levels and all dimensions. You are free and I am free!”

And “(Say name of the Soul here), I ask that you forgive me for anything that I have ever said or done to you in thought, word or deed in this or any other lifetime that has caused you pain. You are free and I am free!”

“Thank you, God/Creator/Universe, for this opportunity to forgive (say name of the Soul here) and to forgive myself.”

You will know when to cease saying this prayer, possibly after 10 days to 2 weeks, when you experience some shift in your attitude towards this Soul. A sense of release may come in the form of crying, laughter, a feeling of well-being, etc. You may also experience the Soul’s attitude change towards you! You will find yourself freed from pain while becoming happier, healthier and feeling more peace in mind, body and spirit.

The Forgiveness Prayer offered by Roberta Herzog comes from a prayer wherein it is said “… and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us…” It is Universal Law that when you forgive and ask for forgiveness in return, the emotional charge of the situation is neutralized. Forgiving another does not mean you are validating their actions towards you; it simply expands the space in your energy to release the emotional charge that may be blocking you from creating more abundance. Through forgiveness, therefore, you also release yourself from participating in the judgment of another.


Tips: Where it says “(Say name of the Soul here)” it will also work if that person had died. And you can use it to forgive yourself, just insert your own name where you see “(Say name of the Soul here).”

A PDF with 7 or 8 forgiveness prayers and exercises:, offered by the Mirabai Devi Foundation.


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