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natalie-eve-marquis-heart-soul-coachingYour Heart & Soul Knows the Way

  • What is my purpose?
  • Am I on the right path?
  • What is the best way for me to navigate this major life transition or change that I’m experiencing?
  • Why can’t I get ahead, make more money, have more free time, or find the love of my life?
  • What can I do to feel worthy, deserving and that I am enough?
  • How can I stop self-sabotaging myself?

The answers to the above challenges and questions are not outside yourself. The wisdom you so desperately seek, believe it or not, is already within you.

Remove the Blocks That Are Holding You Back

How Heart & Soul Coaching Differs From Life Coaching

My focus is on healing what’s blocking your current journey to success and living a happier, healthier life. Traditional life coaching typically focuses on helping clients develop inner motivation and create action steps in order to achieve self-stated goals. This is a great practice and often helps many people. However, if you tried this and are still not progressing, then you need to go deeper.

One your blocks are removed, you’ll effortlessly flow towards your dreams.

In fact, I like to be so bold as to say that if you are not currently moving towards your dream, it’s because something is blocking your heart & soul. Our inner environment drives and manifests what we experience in our physical environment, both in our bodies and the world around us.

Think of your emotional wounds and limiting beliefs as a all the sticks and trees limbs that make up a beaver’s dam. All this debris, accumulated over a lifetime, piles up and blocks the natural, easy flow of your energetic system making it much harder for you to feel connected, inspired and empowered.

Once we remove the debris (blocks), your energy system is free to create the life of your dreams!  And, you’ll naturally flow with great enthusiasm, towards living your best life, a life filled with more love, joy, peace and abundance.

The Heart & Soul Process – Heal, Align, Soar

One of my gifts is being able to sense where your body is storing your blocks, then helping you use the wisdom of your body to trace the block to its core. When tracing back to the core issue, I’ve found that an individual on their own often stops too soon. I experience this intuitively and in these cases, I gently nudge you deeper until we hit energetic “gold” and the core block. Once found, I use Reiki energy healing and a combination of processes that I’ve learned from excellent spiritual teachers and healers, such as Michael Mirdad, Christie Marie Sheldon, and Vianna Stibal as well as my own spirit guides. Here’s a summary of the general steps:

Step One: Heal

First we sit quietly and connect to Source energy. You may have a specific intention regarding a block that you are aware of or we can see what your body has to say! Either way, I begin channeling Reiki energy healing and intuitively scan your system for energy blocks. Working with your body’s intuitive wisdom, we will trace the issues to their core source. This isn’t talk therapy and you won’t have to relive negative experiences in great detail. Next, we’ll move through tried and true processes to release, clear and energetically heal the blocks.

Step Two: Align

Now that we have cleared the block, we will incrementally raise your vibration and help you reprogram your “hardwiring” to empower you in a fundamentally deeper way.

Step Three: Soar

With the mental and emotional debris cleared from your energy system and self-care practices in place to nourish you, you’ll feel renewed, inspired, and ready to soar towards your best life.

How Many Blocks Are Cleared in a Session?

Usually we can clear two or three blocks during a one hour session. According to Christie Sheldon, a typical person has up to 24 abundance blocks alone (!), not including blocks about love, success, health and happiness. You’ll benefit the most by scheduling a series three weekly sessions to clear the most critical blocks that are holding you back now. During these sessions, you’ll be getting comfortable with the overall process and the various techniques to release, cleanse, heal and reprogram. This will enable you to find and clear the blocks that bubble into your awareness between our sessions and once our sessions are complete.

Most clients immediately feel “lighter” and more expansive, and many report incredible shifts within days! 

When Will All of My Blocks Be Healed?

Releasing and transcending our energetic blocks is a lot like peeling an onion. Initially, we peel back the bigger chunks allowing more light and love into your energetic body. This allows you to go forth in life with renewed vigor and integrate the shifts and experiences that begin unfolding for you. After a period of time, other blocks will bubble up into your awareness or you will realize that you have reached a plateau. This signals, you’re ready to peel back a few more levels of the onion. I this flow of  “healing then integrating” is Source’s way of giving us time to adjust and enjoy life, before we delve back into the work. After all, we are not meant to be always be working on our “stuff.” We enjoy life and living it to the fullest.

Ready to Break Through Your Blocks and Soar?

Book your session(s) below or email or call (603) 642-4949 with questions.



*I offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your experience, simply notify me by email within 24-hours following your session and I’ll issue a 100% refund.


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