Age Regression Hypnosis

heal-past2Age Regression Hypnosis

Healing the Past to Live Joyfully in the Present

Age Regression Hypnosis accesses forgotten, ignored or repressed experiences that are at the root of fears, limiting beliefs, and self-defeating behaviors.

These forgotten experiences contain emotional wounds that never healed or triggered persistent half-conscious or subconscious limiting-beliefs. Finding undigested experiences helps unlock emotions bringing insight into current experiences and their root cause. Once found, the suppressed emotions can be released and experiences re-framed or “re-experienced” from a healthier more life affirming perspective.

Age Regression Hypnosis works in a very light level of hypnosis. Going deeper doesn’t make it work better. Some people have concerns about whether they can go deeply enough to benefit from hypnosis. With this process, going deep isn’t required. The results of Age Regression Hypnosis are permanent. The negative emotions or limiting beliefs are released once and for all, not just buried. This same process can also be used to reactivate positive feelings, forgotten positive experiences and sleeping talents. Clients often report feeling the healing effects after just one session — feeling lighter, freer, more grounded, and more optimistic.

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*I offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your experience, simply notify me by email within 24-hours following your session and I’ll issue a 100% refund.

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