Intuition Development Coaching

Intuition Development Coaching that is Powerful, Practical, and Fun!

Are you an empath? Are you drawn to the intuitive or psychic stuff?

Are you looking for a sure-fire way to connect with your intuitive guidance system?

Would you like a way to make decisions about work, relationships, 

and life more confidently with less stress?

Do you feel like you have a deeper spiritual purpose, but don’t know what it is yet?

Are you yearning for a deeper connection to the your Higher Source, nature, and possible light beings on the other side of the veil (deceased loved ones, spirit guides, angels, etc.

Are you ready to feel connected, empowered, tuned in, tapped in and turned on?!!

Let’s face it. You’ve read books and watched YouTube videos on psychic development or intuition development. While it’s increased your knowledge about the subject, it probably hasn’t helped you grow and expand your intuitive skills. It’s a lot like exercise and getting fit. You don’t expect to get fit just by reading a book on exercise (if you’ve figured out a way to make this happen, I’d love to know!). Of course not! You read the book to get motivated, then buy a membership to a local gym and maybe even hire a personal trainer to keep you focused and motivated.

Your Personal Trainer for Strengthening Your Intuitive “Muscles”

To become more intuitive you can’t just read about it, you have to practice using your intuition on a daily basis in order to strengthen it. As an intuitive coach, I’m here to inspire you, push you and stretch you towards your intuitive potential. I’m also here to help you overcome intuition’s three biggest roadblocks: fear, doubt and lack of confidence. My approach will help you gain clarity trust and confidence in your growing intuitive abilities.

Here are some of the topics we’ll cover in our sessions. However, please know that I don’t follow a cookie-cutter format. Each sessions will be customized to your unique needs and personality.

  • Creating a foundation for being a clear channel
  • Getting to know the Clairs (psychic senses)
  • Overcoming intuitive pitfalls
  • Connecting with your spirit guides, animal totems, angels, and more
  • Working within divination tools
  • Techniques for tuning in & receiving
  • Exploring readings, channeling, and mediumship
  • Concrete strategies for working with your intuition personally & professionally

Most importantly, I provide a confidential, safe, and enthusiastic place for you to explore and expand your intuitive skills.

Yes, I’m Ready to Grow My Intuitive Gifts!

Coaching packages (3+ sessions) include weekly one-hour one-on-one sessions (in-person, phone or Skype) and unlimited private emails/text.


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