Intuition Playdate

Natalie's Intuition PlaydatesIntuition Playdate

Play and have fun practicing your Psychic Senses!

Want to recharge and have fun while gaining guidance and solutions to issues that have been sapping your time and energy? Come and experience playful exercises to help you connect to your intuition and higher wisdom. This is a wonderful opportunity to practice using your psychic senses in a safe, loving and supportive environment. Bring a list of issues that you want guidance on and be prepared to be amazed at the spot-on wisdom you’ll receive.

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Got Questions?

  • What is my life purpose?
  • Will I find love?
  • Is this the right career for me?
  • What should I focus on next?
  • How can I be more creative?

Get Answers with:

  • Playful & creative exercises to help you easily access your intuition and get answers
  • Learn how to use popular divination tools to receive guidance and direction
  • Participate in a mini group reading

Join us for one class or as often as you like….
You’ll experience new insights from attending just one class, but you’ll experience even greater gains the more often you attend. This is because developing your intuition is similar to strengthening your muscles, the more often you use your psychic senses the stronger and more reliable they grow!

What to Bring: Bring a notebook, pen and an open mind.

We look forward to playing with you in the psychic realm!

Facilitated by Natalie Eve Marquis


Serves as a heart-centered catalyst to help people heal on all levels and deepen their connection to Spirit. She offers spiritually guided intuitive readings, Angel Card readings and creativity & spiritual life coaching. Her work helps you deepen your connection to Spirit, Angels, and the Animal Kingdom.

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