The Eagle Has Landed In the Outer Banks

The Truth About Taking Flight In New Directions

Eagle wisdom

For years now, I had been yearning to live life in flow with Spirit. Less force, more grace. Less striving, more yielding. Less left brain analytical planning and more right brain intuitive receptivity. Less distraction, more connection. And much more working from intuition and heeding the messages that Spirit sends through the Universe, its people, the earth, animals, and more.

On a Wing and a Prayer…

I’ve read about people who reach for a different way of doing things …they chuck their demanding day jobs and relocate to the country to start an organic farm or a bakery. It sounds peaceful, blissful even. This has not been my experience, at least not right away. I am not financially wealthy, so when my intuition said it was time to move to the ocean, I sold my Harley, all my lovely furniture and household goods, left a few things in storage with a friend, and headed to the east coast with my dog, cat and only what would fit in my SUV. I have very limited savings. I commenced this journey on a wing and prayer, as they say (hence the worry).


Turbulence Ahead….

I had no specific destination or plan, just a general feeling that somewhere between Savannah and Virginia Beach might be “the spot.” I spent a month on the road and eventually was led, via intuition, signs and dreams, to settle in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The words that best describe how I’ve felt over the past four months, in no particular order are: exhilarating, scared, expansive, strong, worried, free, crazy, brave, lonely, called, open, supported by Spirit, and deeply grateful.


Gaining Focus & Altitude…

If this spiritual quest hasn’t been all peaches and cream, why didn’t I give up and go home to Sedona or New Hampshire? I came across an article on Facebook by Chip Richards, entitled the “The Four Stages of Spiritual Growth” that helps explain this urge inside me and where I’m at on my spiritual journey. There are four stages to how we experience the events in our lives: To Me, By Me, Through Me, and As Me. While ultimately I want to reach stage four, I believe I’m experiencing stage three, “through me.” He says in stage three,

We must be willing to let go of our need for control. As we let go of having to be the soul generator and controller of each outcome, we open ourselves up to discover a new sense of trust and connectedness to the bigger story/currents/song ready to flow through us.


For me it’s about learning to let go of control and trust my intuition and Spirit,  to a much larger degree then ever before. It’s also about needing/wanting to allow guidance from Spirit to move and work through me for my highest good and the greater good of all. As the A Course in Miracles (ACIM) suggests, I pray to Spirit every day,

What would You have me do?

Where would You have me go?

What would You have me say, and to whom?

And, when inspiration and insight come to me suggesting a particular step, I do my best to take action and move in that direction.


Learning to Soar…

When the I think about the last four months, they have actually been EASY! I have been guided to the people and places that are for my highest good.  Any worries or doubts that I had along the way were because I had leapt way out of my comfort zone. I was feeling the contrast between the known way (control/plan) versus the new way (intuit/flow).

I am ever so grateful for the curiosity and determination I’ve had to see it through. I have been generously rewarded. Spirit has gently and lovingly directed me. I now live in a cute little apartment in the maritime forest of Kitty Hawk, NC. As a country-girl at heart, I love the woods and the lovely 2-mile walking path that Siena and I enjoy most days. The beach is a short half mile bike ride over the bypass. Some days on my way home from work, I stop and walk the beach looking for shells or just sit, listening to the waves, and take in the ocean’s vast beauty. On weekends, I port my kayak three miles south and meander my way to the Sound among the clicking sounds of sea grass and the call of red winged black birds.

My lovely and affordable office space is an easy 12 mile drive on the bypass to Oasis Day Spa & Salon, in Kill Devils Hills, NC. The women I work among are sweet and caring. I have found a wonderful, eclectic spiritual tribe here. I’m making new friends. My work is expanding. More people and clients are finding their way to me. I have been thanked at least half dozen times for moving here. They say, “We so needed someone like you that does what you do!” I smile and say thank you!

Am I in the right place on my soul’s journey? Yes, I believe I am.

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Eagle wisdom

About Eagle Medicine

Eagles have appeared to me several times since moving to the Outer Banks. Most locals are surprised when I share this because they’ve yet to see them! The eagle has also frequently been showing up in my personal oracle card work. Eagle encourages us to stretch our wings to reach new heights. Eagle embodies a higher perspective and leadership. It teaches us to conserve our energies and to use our energy for the greatest good. Eagle bridges both air and earth, bringing messages to and from the Divine.


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